Coast to Coast Flowers Sponsors 2018 Miss Russian United States Pageant

Coast to Coast Flowers played a prominent role in crowning Polina Egorov as 2018 Miss Russiain United States at an event held on November 11 in Manhattan. As a title sponsor of the contest, Coast to Coast worked with some of the area’s finest florists, including Winston’s Flowers and Starbrite Floral, to bring together a beautiful evening that featured 10 models competing for the coveted crown.

The florals were ordered by Art Conforti of Coast to Coast along with our preferred industry processing service, Teleflora. Conforti was on hand himself to coordinate with the local florist and make sure the expectations of the event’s hosts were exceeded.

At Coast to Coast Flowers, we don’t like to think of ourselves as just an online florist. We work hard to get to know our clients’ needs and determine the optimal way to represent their good taste when sending gifts and message of support, sympathy, caring, and celebration.

The Dazzler by Coast to Coast Flowers

In our opinion, flowers are the best ways to recognize anyone, but our specialty is going the extra mile for a gift that truly delivers. For example, our ”Dazzler” is a gorgeous way to acknowledge the receipt of an occasion or sentiment and is lovely on its own, but adding balloons shout to the office what the occasion is all about. Our agents are trained to ask and recognize the intention of the gift – then we add our magic!

That’s why we like to think that we’re the very best Yes We Can florist out there as well as the most trustworthy option for ordering flowers online. Our Yes We Can commitment means that our goal is to set and exceed customer expectations with every order.

Coast supports local florists

Coast to Coast Florist is a family-owned national enterprise focusing on securing floral orders that are sent to select florist across the country to produce. We work directly with some of the most talented designers and some of the most revered flower shops in the country to deliver breathtaking floral gifts – no matter where the recipient is located.

Unlike other online flower sellers that many event companies work with, Coast to Coast ensures that the florist doing the work gets recognized.

Yes You Can call Coast to Coast for fast, easy service and an unconditional guarantee, or if you’d prefer to find your own florist in your area, you can go directly to the local florist using Local Flower Shop directory when needed.

With Local Flower Shop (, consumers can search one directory and find the best local retail florist to serve their needs.

Anyone struggling to find a reputable florist or anyone unfamiliar with florists in the recipient’s area can always call Coast to Coast at (888) 923-7401 and worry no more, we’ll take it from there.

Coast to Coast prefers to focus on partner florists from Local Flower Shop listings to send orders. Conversely, Coast to Coast Flowers secures orders from many local and national corporations, concierge services and special event companies. It’s a terrific partnership that benefits the entire industry.

Why order from Coast to Coast or Local Flower Shop?

It wasn’t long ago that nearly everyone knew a local florist they could count on for exceptional service and outstanding quality. But the industry has changed significantly in the past few decades and that has made ordering flowers for an out-of-town recipient a risky and frustrating endeavor.

The internet is filled with deception and people who claim to be florists that won’t give you their name or answer the phone with a generic phrase like “flower shop” to lure unsuspecting customers into thinking they are dealing with an experienced shop.

In many cases, they simply take a cut of your money and pass the order along for someone else to fill at the price you indicated, minus the money they kept for themselves. In other cases, you don’t really know where your order is going or who has your credit card information – and those people can be hard to reach if a problem should arise.

You won’t have to worry about that happening with orders placed through Coast to Coast or through our partners on Local Flower Shop. We take pride in focusing on the local retail florist while exceeding the expectations of the customer. We work hard to make sure your order is cared for from the time you place it until the time it’s delivered, giving you piece of mind and delivering beautiful results.

Coast to Coast Flowers – making sending flowers and gifts easy is what we’re all about!

Coast to Coast florist and has been headquartered in Sarasota, FL since its inception in 1998 and has supported the retail floral industry for hundreds of thousands of orders to retail florists using processors like Teleflora and FTD. We also support the Society of American Florists and all the great work they’re doing for the industry. Give us a call today at 800-515-2710 or email us here. Art Conforti also consults with dozens of retailers in many industries helping them grow profitable business online. You can reach him anytime by email at